October 28, 2010

Layout #64

Finally I'm back!! After more than 4 months I'm more or less settled down and able to find some time to sit down on my scrap table and I'm glad that I manage to do a simple LO in an hour..

After delivering Ezekiel, I really got so busy with life but I totally enjoy every moment of it except those fussy nights :p
And also I've settled Isaiah into a good school and everything is going really well..
The boys grow really fast and my photos is piling up really fast too!!
Is quote difficult to get back to the table after taking a 4 months break!!
Hope I manage to catch up with the boys milestone again... I hate doing backdated photos.. I love to scrap new photos when feelings, thoughts and memories is still fresh so I can express them into my layout and hope my boys will be able to feel it when they flip the pages of their growing up album in the future.. And that's the best thing I can leave for them to let them know that I love and cherish every single min of their life.

And..... Wanna congrats my cousin, Jessie for her upcoming scrapbooking store "SCRAPLICIOUS" is Parkway Parade which is opening in Nov 2010.
Glad to be in the design team but feeling worried at the same time. Hope I can keep up with scrapping while I'm busy with the boys..
So my scrapper friends, do drop by SCRAPLICIOUS sometime in NOV and give some support ya!! Is really exciting to see another LSS coming up..!

Lastly, here's my latest LO - Both Of You Is My Happiness
Hope I'll drop in here more often :)

- Love, Lady In Bliss
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