April 2, 2011

I made a card <3

Today I made a card! Something unusual...
I admit I can't make it for cards. I tried a couple of times as it just turn out worse than what I can get from any stationary shop! So I don't like cards....
But cause I have to make some cards for DT in Apr so I pull out my sassafras paper and did a card.. Well I was stuck somewhere cause I wanted to put that elephant on Ellie's tale sassafras paper. I'm suck for nearly 20mins! Then.... I gave up! Haha! Decided to do something that I'm more familiar with... Flowers! (I'm not good at animals stuff)
So I complete it in 15 mins... And now I'm blogging this at 3.20am I've spent nearly 2 hours on this card -.- in between goin in n out of the room to put Ezekiel in bed again and again.

Here's a shot of my card =)
will post up more shots again!

{Full Of Love}

This week something upset kinda happen.. While making this card, lots of things went through my mind... Unhappiness, sadness and lots.... And after all negative thoughts I felt that this world can be full of love no matter what.
For God love is unconditional..
And out of faith, hope & love, the greatest is LOVE.
Hope my life n people around me will have lots of love in life <3

- Love, Lady In Bliss
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