April 3, 2011

Yummy Bottle Cap Banner

Is 2.20am now and I'm going rest for the day...
Baking some yummy colourful cupcakes tonight and start putting deco on them.
Hubby commented that I'm like baking cupcakes today... Seven bottle caps covered with 2 layers of circle pattern papers (Thanks to my hubby cause he help me cut these 14 circles )

These are meant to be a name banner.
Ever bottle cap will have a alphabet on it.
This will be "Bottle Cap Name Banner" class.
It wad requested by a friend on mine. So she sort of inspire me to make these.
Class is open for limited slots only.

I only manage to finish 2 caps tonight... Although the kids goes to bed an hour earlier today but Isaiah is down with high fever so I decided to rest earlier.
I hope to complete this banner and mini album this weekend but.... I guess is quite possible! I'm happy enough that I've started on this and should be able to complete by tomorrow.

Oh ya! And I'm mad in love with this theme I'm doing! Is so cute and bright!! Lift up my mood while doing this!

Sneak preview of it!

- Love, Lady In Bliss
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